Grief and Her Friends


Mar 22, 2024By Maya Renaud, 14,

Grief is friends with Mourn and Hopeful,   
Mourn understands Grief but Hopeful is trying to spend more time with her.
Grief can not trust Joy,
Joy does not understand Grief and makes her feel bad about herself.
She makes Grief feel defeated,
but she doesn't know how to help herself.

Grief feels defeated,
Grief likes to bury herself in other people but she really feels defeated when she's alone.
When defeated, Grief feels lonely but has nowhere to go. 
Grief doesn't like being around other people,
She always wants to be invisible hiding herself with Crazy and Fun to bury her sadness.

It doesn't work.

Grief wishes she could be different but no matter how hard she tries the feelings Grief battles always come back.

- Maya Renaud